Take Back Your Power & Transform Your Life

with Becc Nelson

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Psychic Medium

Gold Dust

What's your self-sabotage specialty?

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Find and express the true self you were meant to be in this lifetime! 

With both the knowledge and wisdom gained from life experiences and over 30 years of experience in the mental health and spiritual coaching field Becc is uniquely qualified to guide you on your journey to heal your life.

Trust that your time is NOW and allow Becc to best serve You at this time.

Work With Becc

Learn more about working with Becc and how she can help you win in life.

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Exploratory Session

Lets meet to explore your goals and how I may be able to assist you! This session is designed for us to meet each other and explore your best options.

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Intuitive Coaching

This is a 50 minute coaching session. This session is recommended if you have a quick question or are looking for clarity on one issue but not for ongoing support.



Beccology™ is a simple three-part model for flipping your life from being a constant giver to have deeper connections that give back the energy and attention you put into them, and achieve a feeling of mutual respect and trust.

About Becc

Becc Nelson, LMFT is a spiritual, soulful, heart centered healer, speaker and author who has been serving as an expert in transformation and ascension since 1992.

With a master’s degree in human development, and as licensed marriage and family therapist Becc has the wisdom and knowledge to assist her clients in transformational healing of mind, body and spirit.

Becc’s work as a psychic medium, ordained minister and angel communicator provides a unique approach to healing that combines traditional approaches of therapy with intuitive guidance connecting you with the most elevated version of yourself and the highest connection with your soul.