Beccology™ is a simple three-part model for flipping your life from being a constant giver to have deeper connections that give back the energy and attention you put into them, and achieve a feeling of mutual respect and trust.

(Without Feeling Guilty, Undeserving, Or Needy.)

Gold Dust

I Get You. You are, by nature, a giver. You have the ability to feel what others are feeling which means you frequently engage in acts of service and kindness to others, because you uniquely understand what they are going through. It is not unusual for you to check in with your friends, sensing somehow they need someone to talk with. You give thoughtful gifts for holidays and treat those close to you for their birthday, making them feel special and cared for. You say, “yes” to the requests of others so they don’t feel rejected, feel cared for and loved.

Over time you become disillusioned.  Although you enjoy serving others you feel the impacts of consistently giving your energy away to the service of others. It seems this energy rarely comes back to you. In fact, it seems those around you come to expect the energy you give out and if you attempt to care for yourself by pulling back, some try to make you feel guilty for doing so. You may struggle with body pains, struggle with sleep issues and frequently feel unsatisfied with your life.

How did I get to this place? I thought. I’m a good person. I’m honest, hardworking, and I’ve never asked or expected any-thing from anyone. I feel like I treat people the way I want to be treated. Why can’t good things really happen for me? Why do I always feel like I have to struggle to just get by?

I’ve been there and now my life’s work is to help you find the patterns you continue to engage in that need to be revealed and healed.

My 90 day program is for YOU!


8 Reasons to Work With me

1. No questions asked refund in the first 7 days

We want you to feel one hundred percent comfortable that you have made the right decision.  If you change your mind for ANY reason within the first 7 days, just email me to cancel your enrollment and I’ll send you a full refund.

2. Personalized program done with you and for you.

Too many times clients tell me the other coaches they have worked with give them the same “cookie cutter” program. The same program for everyone, simply reusing the same interventions they use with all their clients which fall short of the mark. Beccology is different because we begin with taking the time to process who you are and your unique issues and character. This allows Becc to specifically craft interventions and solutions that are specific to who you are.

3. Transformation and growth with sustainable results.

Not just feeling better, actually getting better. Prior to working with us, many clients describe feeling better initially but returning to old patterns of behavior over time. Oftentimes relapse in symptoms can become a natural part of the change process. It allows an opportunity for assessment to enhance further growth. The Beccolgy process allows assessment of any progress you have made in the past so you can utilize skills that have worked for you while identifying and changing those that haven’t worked. With this strategy you will achieve sustainable results.

4. Focusing on process not just content will enable clarity and here is why:

Prior to coming to work with the Beccology program many new client report they felt as if they didn’t experience the interactions they expected. At the end of each session they realized they would feel better at first, having talked about wherever happened since their last session. Over all thought, nothing really changed because although they were able to talk about what was on their mind they didn’t get the feedback they needed. In Beccology you will not only focus on the “content” of your week but also talk about the overall “process”. We will reveal the patterns that keep you stuck allowing you to make sustainable changes with real results.

5. Apply enhanced deeper connections with your soul level.

How does this work? Unlike traditional mental health therapy the Beccology program focuses on honest, heart centered, intuitive and empathetic feedback and guidance. Working with you on a soul level allows us to reveal the lessons your soul was meant to learn in this lifetime so you can achieve the life that truly blesses you.

6. We will be your trusted accountability partner.

Working with an accountability partner is a key to success for anyone who wants to change and grow. Working with a knowledgeable Beccology partner is key in the transformation process because you benefit from the four “C’s”:

1) Clarity: We assist you in defining your goal and crafting appropriate objectives. As your partner in change we assist you in regularly evaluating your goal and progress, eliminating excuses and removing distractions.

2) Competence: When you know someone is watching you, you work more efficiently, accomplishing your plan faster by working with an accountability partner.

3) Commitment: Being accountable increases your dedication to completing your goal. When you know your trusted Beccology partner will talk with you about your status, you are more motivated to take action and follow through.

4) Celebration: You are more likely to accomplish your goals when you have a cheerleader who celebrates your success along the way and helps you recover from setbacks.

7. You are NOT alone…I am here for you

You have a private email address just for active clients. You will get feedback about your questions and support along the way between sessions.

8. You are set up for success and saving money.

With over 30 years of experience in transformation our initial assessment ensures your readiness for change before you agree to sign up for the Beccology Program.

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