Cut the Shit

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Stop the unhealthy patterns that keep you stuck and claim a life of abundance!  

Most people struggle with finding satisfaction in the relationships in their daily life when they employ self-made solutions that create bigger problems. In Cut the Shit Becc Nelson, LMFT shares the 14 “rules” based on patterns she has observed in her work assisting clients in transforming their lives since 1992, reflecting her client’s attempted solutions that create chaos in their lives. In sharing these with you, Becc challenges you to reveal your own misguided processes that keep you from finding your best life.   

Cut the Shit

will help you…

  • Identify behaviors and interactions that leave you feeling exhausted
  • Understand the main reason why many people return to bad habits 
  • Gain control over unhealthy interactions with others
  • Finally stop asking yourself, “Am I being punished for something?”
  • Start having relationships where you get back the energy you put into them
  • Stop feeling like you have no joy or happiness in your life
  • Raise your vibrations so you can attract the energies you want into your life for your highest and best good.

There is a transformation that happens only after someone has come face to face with long-time patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors and are handed a tool for healing themselves, their life, and their relationships, and it’s powerful.

This work goes much deeper than the standard relationship advice and invites you to go deeper into yourself and your relationship with yourself and with Spirit.  If you are ready to truly do this deep work and challenge yourself to grow, join those who have gone before you on this journey to regain your life!

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