Are you an aspiring author looking to write your first book? Have you been struggling to find the right words, or feeling overwhelmed at the thought of such a daunting task? 

Writing your first book can be a challenging and intimidating experience, but it doesn’t have to be! With a little guidance from your intuition, you can access powerful messages that can guide and inspire you throughout your writing journey. 

As the founder of Transcendent Publishing, Shanda Trofe has been helping aspiring authors reach their writing and publishing goals since 2012. Her passion lies in assisting authors in turning their message into their life’s work by creating viable businesses through authorship. She enjoys working with her clients, from idea to publication, throughout the entire process. To date, Shanda has published and launched over five hundred #1 bestselling books for her clients and has mentored thousands of authors through her online courses and coaching programs. Her bestselling books include Self-Publishing SuccessAuthorpreneurWrite from the Heart, and over a dozen co-authored books, including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller, All In.  

In this episode, Shanda shares her insights on how to unlock your intuition and obtain the message for your book, helping you break down any barriers that are preventing you from fulfilling your goal of becoming an author and succeeding in your writing journey. With her help, you can tap into the power of your intuition to gain clarity and courage in your writing journey.


“You don’t have to be a trained writer to write a book. You just have to have this desire and this message to share.” – Shanda Trofe


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn how to conquer self-doubt and overcome your fears to get started writing your first book.
  • Explore effective ways to receive guidance and channel the message for your book.
  • Find out one big tip on what to do if you have an idea for writing a book.


Topics Covered:

02:47 – Shanda’s ideal client: On one side I have an aspiring author who has an idea for a book, but doesn’t know where to begin or how to get started. On the other side, I have authors who come to me who already have a manuscript and they want to publish their book.

04:02 – The problem Shanda helps her client with: For the one who has that idea placed inside their heart is I help pull that idea out of them and I help them get started writing.

05:35 – Getting past blocks and self-doubts: Things don’t have to be perfect on the first draft.

07:56 – How things just get better getting past the hardest part of having that first book

08:53 – Dealing with her own experience of imposter syndrome writing her own books

09:57 – Shanda’s Valuable Free Action [VFA]: People don’t realize when they’re wanting to write a book is their intuition. I encourage them to tap into that guidance that’s available to them.

12:07 – Getting guidance for what to write in your book: Channeling and downloading messages from your intuition

14:01 – Shanda’s Valuable Free Resource [VFR]: Get for FREE a 37-downloadable-page filled with templates and everything to help you develop your book idea, create a plan of action for moving forward with your book. Click here:

14:47 – Q: What could somebody do if they have an idea for a book? A: “You could simply start with the brainstorming session, see what comes up and then maybe just start by writing the introduction to your book.”

16:31 – Shanda’s own definition of personal liberation

17:41 – A backstory of when and how she started her business in the personal liberation niche [How Spiritual Writers Network and Transcendent Publishing came into being]

21:18 – The types of books she started with in the beginning and what she focuses on now?

22:08 – What they offer at the Transcendent Publishing

23:04 – The one thing that took off her business to a whole new level

Key Takeaways:

It’s not meant to be perfect when you write your first draft. That’s why there are book coaches and editors and all of those people out there that will help you over time craft it into a book that the world’s ready for.” – Shanda Trofe

“The first book is always the hardest. And then after you get through that, the books that come after are much, much easier for the author to write.” – Shanda Trofe

One of the things that I always recommend that authors do, when they have an idea or aspiring authors and they don’t know how to get started, is, just take some time to quiet the mind.” – Shanda Trofe

If you take the time to just write that opening chapter, essentially what will happen is it really sets the wheels and momentum going once you get that introduction written.” – Shanda Trofe

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