Do you often find yourself asking if you’re even capable do it, questioning whether or not there’s still more out there intended for you in this world as you live?

Living life as the best version of ourselves is a dream we all want to be our truth, our reality. However, too often, we find ourselves losing to our own little miss bitch. We think we’re too old; we think it’s way too late for us to have a change. We let our limiting beliefs win just because of our fear.

But as the quote says, yesterday’s you aren’t today’s you; you’re under no obligation to be who you were yesterday. The journey can be painful, but if you put in the work to determine who you want to become and how you’ll get there, then one day, you really will, as your best self.

Dynamic, self-made entrepreneur who overcame obstacles with an unrelenting positive nature, a farm girl work ethic, and a conscious choice to thrive rather than survive, Isabel Alexander cultivated an award-winning, $10 million+ global chemical wholesale business and grew it from dining room table to international boardrooms.

Isabel’s strengths include the ability to initiate & nurture strategic relationships, a love of lifelong learning, and talents for helping others maximize their potential. An inspiring speaker within both industry and community, she is a driving force behind those with the courage to follow her example of thriving against the odds.

With 50+ years of business experience across diverse industries, Isabel is respected as an advisor, coach, mentor, and role model. She believes in sharing collective wisdom and empowering others to economic independence. 

In this episode, Isabel shares how wonderful it is for an individual to be the catalyst of the future that they want to live in relation to being their best version of self and thriving.


Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand how limiting beliefs hinder you from being the best version of yourself;
  • Recognize the importance of trusting in oneself, that you can and must take the step forward; and
  • Be assured that you’re not alone in this battle with your doubts and fears, and that it’s okay for you to keep on dreaming and wanting more



“It’s good for people to understand they’re not alone in these doubts, self-doubts, fears, etc. In fact, it’s really normal, and it’s part of our evolution as humans to always be sort of wanting to grow into our next body or our next role. When you stop growing and stop dreaming, that’s when you start to disintegrate and contract and die. So know that it’s okay to feel restless, and to want more. Damn it, you deserve it.”

– Isabel Alexander



Topics Covered:


03:03 – Isabel’s ideal client: Women who are asking questions about ‘who am I now?’, and ‘is this all there is?’, and ‘why do I feel like there’s more intended for me?’


05:57 – Problem/s that Isabel helps solve: Showing people that they can, and how to write a new script and how to approach their future self


06:16 – Common mistakes people make: Limiting self-talk, thinking they’re too old and/or it’s too late for them, not making a step just because they don’t know where to begin


08:17 – Valuable Free Action: Write a letter to your future self


08:42 – Valuable Free Resource: Go to and sign up for a FREE 30-minute encore evaluation now


10:18 – Piece of Advice: You’re not alone in these doubts and fears. It’s okay to feel restless, and to want more. You deserve it.


12:20 – Isabel’s “Personal Liberation”: Feeling really, really good about becoming the next and best version of yourself



Key Takeaways:


“We can, we should, and we must take the steps forward.” – Isabel Alexander


“That’s why my personal philosophy is Lift As You Climb. Time and time again throughout my life, since I was a single keen mom, people have given me a hand up; they didn’t give me handouts. They gave me hand ups and helped me get to the next run on my own developmental ladder. And so for me, I like to be able to do that, and we can create this groundswell of people doing it everywhere.” – Isabel Alexander


“Our brains have been designed to keep us safe and keep us in little small, safe, defendable areas. And so that’s why her name is Little Miss Bitch. It’s constantly saying “Oh, don’t do that. Oh my God, you’ll embarrass yourself, you’ll lose money, whatever, you won’t succeed.” It’s simply because my brain is saying “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. You’re going to change something. You’re going to do something.” And so, I just have to say, “You know what? Sit down for a little while, be quiet, and just watch me. Just watch me. And then you’ll see it’s going to be okay.” – Isabel Alexander



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