Have ve you been dealing with a lot of stress lately, be it about money, relationships, or health? Have you been having difficulties in seeing the good out of life, and feel like you have been dealing with unfair punishments despite being a kind person?

Cheer up, for our guest for this episode – known as “The Ambassador of Joy” – might just have the keys to the solution for your problems, and he’s more than willing and happy to hand it over to you!

At 74 years of age, he had been through a lot. He was paralyzed from the neck down, but he was never angry or bitter about it. After 144 long days in the hospital, he was finally able to overcome his rare disease. Still not as fully functional like you and I, but he has learned to appreciate and find deeper meaning in the things that happen to him. Now, he is out there helping people go “Oh, Shift!”, spreading joy, happiness, peace, and love wherever he goes.

Barry Shore is a mental wellness activist whose mission is to spread the power of positivity by means of exploring the positive, powerful, purposeful, and pleasant meaning of the words that we use on a daily basis. He authored a book called “The Joy of Living: How to Slay Stress and Be Happy”, and he has 2 more in the works that focus on the same purpose: to help people ward off stress and live a happy life.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Learn the three fundamentals of life and how to do it on a daily basis;
  • Discover the most common mistakes people make when trying to solve their problems and how to “make a shift”; and
  • Understand the power of love and how it can start a chain reaction from one person to the other, and the other, and the other.


“Choice, not chance, determines your destiny. How you choose to respond in any given situation will shift your destiny; whether it’s self-sabotage or self-success, the choice is yours.” – Barry Shore

Topics Covered:

01:46 – Barry’s ideal clients: Parents who are stressed because of money, relationships, or health, high-performing professionals who look fine but are actually under a lot of stress, and people around retirement age who start to realize that there is a limit in their physical life.

03:39 – The problems Barry helps solve, how he defines “stress”, and why people choose to work with him

07:38 – Common mistake/s people make when trying to solve their problem: 1) They think that they’re not empowered to choose; 2) They don’t do higher level self-talk; and 3) They just haven’t discovered Barry Shore yet

11:47 – Valuable Action & Resource: Get Barry Shore’s e-book that sells at $14.95 for free by visiting www.barryshore.com/ebook, and follow the footsteps he’d laid out in that book

15:56 – Barry explains why he never had a bad day since age 14, tells about the biggest challenge in his life and how he overcame it, and shares the three fundamentals of life; Find your life’s purpose, make a difference, and uncover the the power and the secrets of everyday words and terms

23:40 – About Barry’s disease: what exactly it was, what his chronological age was when he got it, and the state of mind he was in while he was in the hospital recovering from it

29:40 – Barry’s new upcoming books: “The Joy Vocabulary” that contains over 500 acronyms crafted by Barry himself, and “Oh Shift!”, which is about the ability to find yourself in tough circumstances and learn to say “Oh, Shift!”

32:25 – Barry talks about The Joy of Living Community, and the two practical things to do to attain that “shift” in your life: 1) Practical gratitude – and why we should do it consciously and conscientiously, and 2) Learn to love dog poop (Doing of Good: Power of One Person)

39:10 – Barry discusses the four elements of our spiritual DNA: Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Love, and explains the power that love can do to and individual and to the world, and what “Oh, Shift!” means in the vocabulary of joy

Key Takeaways:

“That’s the definition of a good looking person: looking for and finding the good in life, and is always available.” – Barry Shore

“Stress only comes in three places: Money, too much or too little. People laugh when I say too much, but we all know too much money can cause a big problem; Relationships, both family, friends and the most important relationship of all, one’s self; and health, either somebody has their own health issues which is very common in the United States today, or somebody extremely close to them who is in the process of going through true health issues.” – Barry Shore

“I can’t walk up a stairwell myself. I can’t walk up a curb by myself… But you hear my voice; positive, purposeful, powerful, pleasant. And it’s all because of one word. One word. And that word is smile. Because smile is an acronym that stands for Seeing Miracles in Life Every day.” – Barry Shore

“When you understand the power of one person, you, and you’re doing of good, consciously and conscientiously, then you’re going to create a river of goodness in the world. That river is going to turn into a stream. That stream is going to turn into a lake. That lake may feed into the ocean. That ocean is going to create a tsunami of goodness around the world.” – Barry Shore


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