Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt stuck in a place you don’t want to be, despite your gut repeatedly telling you to move out? Or have you ever felt the urge to be different, to believe in the unexplainable and the unseen, even though society deemed it unsuitable?

Today’s guest was exactly like you. At some point in her life, she hid her true beliefs and disregarded her inner voice just to fit in and be ‘normal’. She was willing to sacrifice her own bliss and abundance to satisfy the people around her. But when she embraced the beauty of our interconnectedness, even with the extraterrestrial ones, and the power of our inner guidance, her life shifted dramatically!

Dr. Lisa Thompson is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Galactic Ambassador & Channeler, and Intuitive Transformational Coach specializing in human design, past life regression, and sound healing. She supports and empowers people to intentionally design their best life by living from their yes. She is an evolutionary biologist who understands the embodiment of the ancient DNA within humans and guides them to enter the intergalactic realms.


Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Recognize the importance of understanding your inner authority and human design as you choose your way towards living a better life;
  • Find out how all beings, from humans to extraterrestrial ones, are actually all connected as one; and
  • Learn about channeling and how it works, especially on how it helps us get better while acknowledging other being’s presence in this galaxy


“Understand your inner authority and human design. Start looking at your life, if you’re in a place where you are not fully living your best life. Just even acknowledging; the first step is knowing that there’s a problem…then you can start teasing it apart, looking at patterns in life.”

– Dr. Lisa Thompson



Topics Covered:

02:57 – Lisa’s ideal client: Women who want to make transformation in their life, whether that be in business and/or relationships

04:13 – What is a galactic ambassador? How does being one help Lisa do the work that she does?

05:13 – Lisa talks about voice channeling, speaking as her arcturion self, and how that mirrors ourselves in a different realm

06:53 – The services that Lisa offers, particularly focusing on regression therapy and how it works

08:00 – The story behind the anecdote on Lisa’s book where she shared how she grew up, learning about channeling and all things related to that, and having to hide it before to fit in

12:40 – The problem/s that Lisa helps solve: Healing blockages and limitations people have in life, and starting to really trust themselves on getting their own answers

13:35 – Common mistake/s people make: 1) Not realizing that they have limiting beliefs and/or they blame others for the problems that they have, and 2) going against their wisdom

16:44 – Valuable Action: Understand your inner authority and human design. Start looking at your life, if you’re in a place where you are not fully living your best life. Acknowledge the problem. From there, you can start looking for patterns.

18:32 – Valuable Free Resource: Go to www.humandesignamerica.com/chart and run a chart for free

22:13 – Q: Why is galactic energy important to work with or know about? A: Because we are not alone; we have never been alone. When you understand that energy and that there are different beings in different dimensions, who they are, and how you are connected with them, it allows you to overcome your fear of what’s out there

24:00 – Lisa explains the individuality of all existing beings, relating to her initial statement that we get to choose the life we’re going to live

27:22 – Lisa’s “Personal Liberation”: Being free from what others think of her and getting free of expectations of other people and really living authentically in who she is and what she knows for herself to be true

28:39 – Connect with Lisa Thompson


Key Takeaways:

“We are more than just this one Earth life; just this one human experience. We’re so much more than that.” – Lisa Thompson

“We all can get our answers in our own way. We don’t have to go to external sources.” – Lisa Thompson

“And so really, when you understand what the energy is, and that there are different beings, and they reside in different dimensions, higher dimensional realms, some a little bit lower dimensional realms, it’s just frequency. But when you really understand who they are, and how you are connected with them, it allows you to overcome your fear of death, your fear of what’s out here and the world around you that ultimately is within you, because we are all connected. And it just really gives you more love and compassion for humanity as well, and to get out of your judgment.” – Lisa Thompson

“I believe we choose our parents, we decide on what soul contracts, we’re going to come into this life. And so, people who have an experience that’s more negative, if they encounter a group that’s more negative, it’s because that’s what their frequency is resonating at. We can only draw into our lives, what frequency we vibrate at. So if we are in a higher state of vibration of love, and joy, and passion, then that’s what we’re bringing into our world, whether it’s humans or extraterrestrials, or other dimensional beings. And if someone’s vibrating lower, they’re fear-based, they’re negative, just in a deep, dark place, that’s what they’re going to experience.” – Lisa Thompson


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