Do you feel like your past is hindering you from living your best life? Our emotional scars can have unforeseen effects, leaving us feeling stagnant and unable to progress. However, there is hope. Hypnotherapy can help you tap into your inner resilience, and finally heal those long-standing wounds that have been holding you back.

Jeri Brown-Roraback, Ph.D., Cht., has studied extensively the Holistic world for over 25 years.  Jeri, is a Certified Master Alchemical Hypnotherapist and Certified Life Between Life Therapist plus numerous other modalities that she uses to heal and find her Soul Journey.  For years she has helped many heal and find their Soul Journey.  

In this episode, Jeri helps us uncover the wellspring of inner strength within ourselves, enabling us to heal from our wounds, rediscover joy, and connect with our life’s deepest meaning and purpose.

“In a life between life session, one of the main things that I always strive for the person to get, and usually it just happens, is they meet their main spirit guide.
And once somebody connects with that spirit guide, sees him, hears him, feels him/her, and it comes from within, then they believe it.” – Jeri Brown-Roraback

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how you can heal from life’s trauma and hurt with ‘life between life’s’ sessions and become fully alive and massively transformed.
  • Learn how you can find your life’s deepest purpose — your why and what you need to do to be of service to yourself and most especially to others.
  • Discover how you can heal from life’s illness by deep diving into your unconscious mind while consciously doing it.

Topics Covered:

03:13 – Dabbling in both worlds of healing and hair styling for decades now

04:47 – A backstory of how she got started into her healing journey [Hypnotherapy]

08:45 – Jeri’s ideal client: Someone who is ready to dive deep and is ready for change in their life.

13:14 – What is a ‘life and body selection room’ [and how it helps her every day even when it comes to shopping]

17:24 – The problem Jeri helps solve with her clients: Most people want to know their purpose in this life — why they’re here and what they need to do.

19:48 – Jeri’s Valuable Free Action [VFA]: What I have them do is make a list of every question they’ve ever wanted answered and then a couple nights before go through it and make sure that they didn’t ask the same question in a different way.

21:37 – How journaling can help you before and after going through the session

22:06 – Jeri’s Valuable Free Resource [VFR]: There’s so much on the internet, there’s so much on YouTube. I mean in this podcast, people can go on and watch and listen to podcasts forever.

25:45 – Juggling between being a hairstylist and hypnotherapist up until now and what they all mean to her all these years

28:06 – Also doing sessions through Zoom [ plus how she deals with internet suddenly not working]

29:39 – Jeri’s perspective of personal liberation and where it led her to [and what she means by ‘becoming her own support system’]

33:45 – One fabulous session she did on a podcast episode

Key Takeaways:

“Every illness has an emotional manifestation first. And if you can get to that, then it might go away.” – Jeri Brown-Roraback

“Every session is totally different, but the opportunity and the pathway to get there is definitely there in the session.” – Jeri Brown-Roraback

“When they’re listening to a podcast and or reading a book or journaling and a new idea pops in, go with that and investigate it and within themself don’t just go, ‘Oh, that was interesting’, and go on because it’s in those little quiet messages that end up being huge.” – Jeri Brown-Roraback

“My personal liberation is to be able to live in peace and not necessarily peace on the exterior, but peace inside. And to be my own support system, and that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.” – Jeri Brown-Roraback

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