Are you from a family that has a history of diabetes? Do you suspect that you, too, are dealing with a sugar-related disease?

Being diabetic is really unpleasant. You’d be facing an inconsistency in your weight loss and weight gain. You’d be craving food that you are not allowed to eat. And much worse, you’ll be taking a cocktail of prescription medicines.

But if you think about it, we don’t really need to torment ourselves with all those medicines our doctors tell us to take. We can actually use food – whole, healthy, natural food as medicine, just like we did before fast food and grocery stores existed.

Rita Brewer is a board-certified physician specializing in diabetes, and type two diabetes in particular. She is an assistant diplomat of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and is the founder and leader of the Healthy Lifestyles ministry at Raleigh North Christian Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her passion is to help people deal with their weight loss roller coaster and balance their sugars with ease, so that they can rediscover that self-confidence and become more effective in doing the things that they love to do.

Tune in as Rita discusses how diabetes and weight issues can be prevented and cured with food as she relates it to personal liberation.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Be enlightened of what really causes you to become overweight
  • Find out why it is best for our bodies to eat the way nature intended us to eat
  • Discover the mistake that many people do when trying to solve their weight and diabetes problem on their own


“I want people to know that your body is always working on your behalf. If you feel like crap, it’s because you’re not doing something right for your body. Because if you are feeding yourself the right food, minimizing your stress, getting good quality sleep, reducing all the bombardment of toxins that are everywhere in our environment, and eating high-quality food, that’s the medicine that we need. That’s what we’re designed to have.”

– Rita Brewer


Topics Covered:

01:30 – Rita’s ideal clients: patients with type two diabetes, prediabetes, people who are struggling with obesity, and people with a family history of diabetes who wants to prevent it from happening

02:26 – The problems Rita helps solve for her ideal clients: Move away from prescription drugs, and natural health solutions and food as medicine for diabetes

06:00 – “‘Eat less’ is not the solution”: Why telling people to eat less is a wrong advice, and why it is essential that we learn that being overweight is not a calorie problem, but a hormonal problem 

08:00 – “We all need to eat the way nature intended for us to eat”: Why people thrived and had much healthier lives before groceries and fast food took over

10:08 – Rita explains the concept of insulin resistance, and the process of how it eventually leads to prediabetes and diabetes

12:23 – Common mistake/s people make when trying to solve their problems on their own: Unknowingly abusing ourselves and impeding our bodies’ capability to heal itself by taking in excess sugar thinking we’re “eating healthy”

17:41 – Rita’s thoughts on intermittent fasting: It’s about eating your healthy calorie range that your body requires, but eating it in a smaller window of time.

20:30 – Valuable free action/resource: Rita’s Three Quick Wins to Improve your Blood Sugar Today, free to download at

23:21 – There are answers and solutions to your weight-related and diabetes problems. Break free from self-hatred. Regain that confidence. Book a call with Rita Brewer now

27:26 – Rita’s definition of “personal liberation”: Knowing yourself, knowing what your gift is, and being able to share it with other people in the world

30:22 – The typical age range that Rita works with, and why she does not work with teenagers

31:18 – Connect with Rita Brewer

Key Takeaways:

“Our health care system, our food system in America, it’s so toxic. The practitioners are not trained that food is medicine. There’s very little nutrition counseling and training and lectures. When you go to medical school, nursing school, PA school, you’re lucky if you get a few hours’ worth of nutrition training. And the food that you eat is the most important medicine that you could possibly take. It’s the most effective, too.” – Rita Brewer

“Just to be able to serve people, and do what you love in your career and your business or whatever it is, you have to have confidence. You have to be able to step out into the world, step into the room to talk to people, communicate, network, and feel good about yourself.” – Rita Brewer

“I love food, and I want to teach you how to eat the best food, the best quality food. We’re eating such garbage food, and it’s so void of nutrients and taste, and people don’t even know what good food is anymore.” – Rita Brewer

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